CEMRIAC Movie Festival Competition

The Movie Festival & AGM was originally a weekend event with a
Holiday Film Competition on Saturday and an 'Open' Competition on Sunday.

In 2001 the competitions were merged into one Festival Competition
accepting all entries.

Results: 2000 - 2010


Judge: Eric Granshaw
Winner: “P.E.T.” by Alan Atkinson
2nd: “Love's Telltale Signs" by Tom W. Roberts
3rd: “Effie" by Sue Close
Best Editing: "P.E.T." by Alan Atkinson
Best Sound:
"P.E.T." by Alan Atkinson
First Time Winner: (Novice)
“The Carlisle Train” by T. Wheatley
Holiday Competition
Winner: "Land of Myas" by Marcia Tennant
"Tropical Goa" by Bob Harper

Judge: Reg Lancaster
Winner: “Survival of the Swan” by Kay Bamford-Burnell
2nd: “India's Golden Triangle” by Bob Harper
Best Editing: "Nu York, Nu York" by Ken Statham
Best Sound:
“Sound Effects” by Tony Rowlett & Keith Beswick
First Time Winner: “The Tale of two Tit Boxes" by Harry Bland

Judges: Paul Hardy & Matthew Taylor
Winner: "A Splash of Colour" by Alan Atkinson
2nd: "Walter and Albert (deceased)" by Evesham Movie Makers Club
3rd: "The Carstensz Pyramid" by David Newman
Best Editing: "Paper People" by John Vernon
Best Sound: "The Final Problem" by Clive Atkins
First Time Winner: "Scaring the Crows" by John Parker

Judge: Huw Morgan
Winner (joint): "Waterwatch" by Dave Midglow
Winner (joint): "Art at Calke" by Dave Midglow
3rd: "The Globe Theatre" by Kevin Waters
Best Editing: "Santa Maria" by Arthur Howkins
Best Sound: "Stop Press" by A. Noble
First Time Winner: "El Rocio" by Geof. H. Caudwell

Judges: Ken & Carol Wilson
Winner: "You Used To Get Three" by Evesham Movie Makers Club
2nd: "The Lecture" by Gordon Bullock
3rd: "Edward of Middleham" by Kevin Waters
Best Editing: "Faces of Peru" by Dave Midglow
Best Sound: "Back to Work" by Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers
First Time Winner: "In Darwin's Footsteps" by A. J. Futter

Judge: Andrew Vale
Winner: “Extinction Event” by Alan Atkinson
2nd: “Testing the Water” by Peter Jeffrey
3rd: “The Spectral Army” by Alan Taylor
Best Editing: “Rhythm in Steam" by Geof Caudwell
Best Sound: "Photo Finish" by Aleck Rich Seddon
Youth Trophy:
“Clones” by Kevin Woodhead
First Time Winner: "Feelings" by Joan Macey

Judge: Andrew Vale
Winner: “A Quiet Country Lane” by Paul Chater
2nd: “Heroes of Gondoro La” by David Newman
3rd: “Tell Me About It” by Nottingham Movie Makers
Best Editing: “At a Snail's Pace” by Geof Caudwell
Best Sound: “Riding High" byAlan Moore
Young Film-maker Trophy: "Squashed" by OTT Productions (Kevin Woodhead)
First Time Winner: "Highlights of a Voyage to the Arctic" by Alan Lodge

Judge: Michael Gough FACI (M)
Winner: “Picasso of the Pier" by Clive Atkins
2nd: “Land of the Pharaohs” by Jack Richardson & Gerry Bishop
3rd: “Meat is Murder” by Angela Mott
Best Editing: “Chatsworth 1552-2007” by Doreen Williamson
Best Sound: “Land of the Pharaohs” by Jack Richardson & Gerry Bishop
First Time Winner: "The Evil Within" by Andy Carleton

Judge: Huw Morgan
Winner: “Heatwave" by Nuneaton Moviemakers
2nd: “Dearly Beloved” by Andy Carleton
3rd: “A Tall Story” by Clive Atkins
Best Editing: “Making Music” by Paul Chater
Best Sound: “Glory in the Skies” by Geof Caudwell
Young Film-maker Trophy: "What if?" by Sir Jonathan North Community College
First Time Winner: "The Reunion" by Randy Newman

Judge: John Astin LACI
Winner: “The Prisoners" by Clive Atkins
2nd: “Little Bowden School - One Hundred Years" by Market Harborough Movie Makers
3rd: “Braving the Elements” by Kay Bamford-Burnell
Best Editing: “Be Prepared” by Angela Mott
Best Sound: “Invasion” by Call the Shots
Young Film-maker Trophy: "Tick" by Chris Hetherington
First Time Winner: "The Little Shoemaker" by Jill Lampert

Judge: Howard-Smith
Winner: “Enigma” by Clive Atkins
2nd: “When I'm 64” by Jill Lampert
3rd: “Life with Birds” by Brian Ratcliffe
Best Editing: “LMS 8F Restored” by Alan Taylor
Best Sound: “The Harborough Canal 1809-2009” by Market Harborough Movie Makers
First Time Winner: "That Will Be The Day" by Chris Haslewood

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