CEMRIAC Movie Festival Competition
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Judge: Doug Collender
Winner: “The Lubenham Scarecrows Weekend” by Market Harborough Movie Makers
2nd: “Flypast" by Nuneaton Moviemakers (Aviation Group)
3rd: “The Circle Game" by R & D Williamson
Best Editing: "The Lubenham Scarecrows Weekend" by Market Harborough Movie Makers

Best Sound: "Madagascar Rain Forest" by Kay Bamford-Burnell
First Time Winner:
“A Year in the Parish of Charley 2008-2009” by David Burton

Judge: Paul Kittel
Winner: “The Dying Days of Fin Cop” by Frank Parker & Longstone Local History Youth Group
2nd: “More Than Meets the Eye” by Alan Atkinson
3rd: “Gildings Auctioneers” by Market Harborough Movie Makers
Best Editing: "More Than Meets the Eye" by Alan Atkinson
Best Sound:
“Gildings Auctioneers” by Market Harborough Movie Makers
First Time Winner: “Only Lyon" by Patrick Woodcock

Judge: David Andrew
Winner: "A Day in the life of Nathaniel Pit Langford" by Brian Ratcliffe
2nd: "In Living Memory" by Colin Sullivan
3rd: "White Week in Winter" by Alan Atkinson
Best Editing: "Faith Hope + Charity" by Patrick Woodcock
Best Sound: "White Week in Winter" by Alan Atkinson
First Time Winner: "A Place of Calm" by Bob Wood
Special Commendation: "Bears and Salmon" by Kay Bamford-Burnell
Special Commendation:
"Enchanting Mauritius" by Bob & Doreen Williamson
Special Commendation:
"A Day to Remember" by Brian Ratcliffe
Special Commendation: "Military Training Flights" by Michael Ridgway

Judge: Mike Whyman
Winner: "The Patient Fisherman" by Jill Lampert
2nd: "The Eiger Trail" by Clive Atkins
3rd: "Spires & Dreams" by Leicester Movie Makers
Best Editing: "Archie's New Mercedes" by Chril Hall
Best Sound: "All You Need is Love" by Larry Hall
First Time Winner: "In Search of Tigers" by Paula Webster

Judge: Tom Hardwick
"Deleted" by Howard-Smith
"Too Bad" by Howard-Smith
"The Decision" by Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers
Best Sound: "Deleted" by Howard-Smith
Best Editing:
"Deleted" by Howard-Smith
First Time Winner:
"Deleted" by Howard-Smith

Judge: Geoff Harmer
Winner: "The Girl on the Train" by John Roberts
2nd: "The Guardian" by Julian Austwick
3rd: "The Missing Link" by Michael Ridgway & Alan Atkinson
Best Sound: "Helpless (Bezradny)" by Derby Movie Makers
Best Editing: "Helpless (Bezradny)" by Derby Movie Makers

Judge: David Peffer
"The Madness" by Jill Lampert
2nd: "Goose Sauce" by Howard-Smith
3rd: "Man with the Van & Spray Can" by Tony Ward
Best Editing: "Goose Sauce" by Howard-Smith
Best Sound: "It's a Deal" by Alan Moore

Judge: Tim Stannard AACI
Winner: "One Man and His Macaws" by Paula Webster
2nd: "Hollie" by Howard-Smith
3rd: "A Helping Hand" by Debbie Daniels
Best Sound: "Cowpuccino" by John Roberts
Best Editing: "Cowpuccino" by John Roberts

Judge: Alan Colegrave ARPS FACI
Winner: "Timeslip" by Larry Hall
2nd: "Bat 'n Ball" by Jill Lampert
3rd: "Like a Bullet" by Howard-Smith
Best Sound: "The Fly (no, not that fly)" by Alicia Gazeley
Best Editing: "Timeslip" by Larry Hall

Judge: Paul Kittel
Winner: "Good Girl" by Howard-Smith
2nd.: "The Return of the Barn Owls" by Peter Durnall
3rd.: "The Studio - Episode 1. The Rocumentary" by Paul Fielding & Julian Austwick
Best Sound: "The Rock" by Paula Webster
Best Editing: "And the Band Begins to Play" by Larry Hall


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