CEMRIAC Audio-Visual Competition
for the Jessop Rose Bowl

Traditional slides were used until 2003 when digital entries were allowed for the
first time in a separate competition. It was digital only from 2005.

Results: 2000 - 2010


Judge: Peter Brown
Winner: “Tomorrow or the Next Day” by Ralph Francis
Runner-up/Best Use of Two Projectors: “The Ascent of Mont Blanc” by Malcolm Imhoff
Highly Commended: “Village of Mystery” by Ralph Francis
Commended: “Buttermere” by Peter Lucas & Peggy Franks

Judge: Richard Brown
Winner: “A Wreath of Red Flowers” by Brian Jeffs
2nd/Best use of two Projectors: “Vincent” by Lavinia & Michael Hardwick
Highly Commended: “A Road through the Woods” by Bill & Dorothy Every
Highly Commended: “Fragile Heritage” by Ralph Francis
Commended: “A Snapper in Tokyo” by Malcolm Imhoff

Judge: Clive Atkins
Winner: “Come Drink at the Fountain” by Malcolm Imhoff
2nd: “Everglades – “River of Grass” by Lavinia & Mike Hardwick
Highly Commended: “Poet of Nature” by Peggy Franks & Peter Lucas
Commended: “A Medieval Tragedy” by Ralph Francis
Commended: "The Green Man" by Philip Gee

Judge: Keith Brown
Winner: “A Land Like No Other” by Ralph Francis
2nd: “Eight Hours on the Whistle” by Clive Atkins
Highly Commended: “Watch where you are putting your feet” by Malcolm Imhoff
Commended: “A Day in the Dales” by Peter Lucas
Digital Entries
Winner: “Flushed with Pride” by Beth Elston
2nd: “Inspired by Nature” by Alan Elston

No competition

Judge: Martin Fry
Winner: “Dream King” by Ralph Francis
2nd: “A Glimpse into their World” by David Pickford
3rd: “Elgar’s Beloved Country” by Philip Gee
Very Highly Commended: “Snowdonia” by Harry Hunt
Highly Commended: “The Palio Sienna” by Joe Brennan

Judge: Joan Bloore
Winner: “The Black Chair” by Linda & Edgar Gibbs
2nd: “Berlin” by Margaret Smith
3rd: “A Love Affair” by Maggie & Malcolm Imhoff
Highly Commended: “Trouble in the Parks” by Ralph Francis
Commended: “The Garden Shed” by Harry Hunt

Judge: Gerald Mee
Winner: “Down Town” by Peter Lucas & Peggy Franks
2nd: “Matterhorn People” by Malcolm Imhoff
3rd: “Talbot House” by Linda & Edgar Gibbs
Highly Commended: “A Glimpse of the Man” by Joan Horne
Commended: “Double Glazed” by Peter Brown

Judge: Martin Fry
Winner: “Mountain Man” by David Pickford
2nd: “Ship of the Fens” by Sandra Johnson
3rd: “Prince Arthur” by Margaret Smith
Highly Commended: “Donna Nook” by Harry Hunt
Commended: “Distant Land” by Peter Lucas & Peggy Franks

Judge: Geoff Stone
Winner: “Gettysburg 1863” by John Holt
2nd & Sound: “Migrant Mother” by Howard Bagshaw
3rd: “Cousin Jack” by Martin Fry
Highly Commended: “The Policeman” by Terry Chinchen
Commended: “Colours of India” by Howard Bagshaw

Judge: Clive Atkins
Winner & Sound: “A Place of Shadows” by Richard Brown
2nd: “Do You Remember” by John Hickling
3rd: “Land of the Thunder Dragon” by Malcolm Imhoff
Highly Commended: “Back in Time” by Gordon Nicklin
Commended: “Brothers in Arms” by Gordon Nicklin

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