The Perdiswell Young Peoples' Club
Droitwich Road
Sunday, 25th February 2018
Reception: 9.30 am

Richard Brown & Clive Atkins
Both speakers started in A V. Richard is a past Chairman of the RPS Audio Visual Group. Clive is now is a successful video maker and has been a BIAFF judge.In 2009 they collaborated on a joint documentary about code breakers at Bletchley Park during WW2.
Their subject: "Telling the Enigma Story"

Larry Hall
Larry is a member of Chesterfield Film Makers. He has produced a number of successful videos containing CGI - Computer Generated Images.
His subject:- "Filming the Impossible;
The use of CGI in your Movies"

Paul Vernon
Paul has been making amateur movies since his youth. His interest in the "western" genre has never abated. His most recent project: "Vermijo" is a 60-minute western beset with problems from day one but these hurdles
were overcome and the film gained a Diamond award and was shown in full at BIAFF.
His subject: - "Making of Vermijo"

Brian Ratcliffe
We still have to work at getting decent quality footage by learning to use our cameras to best advantage. Composition, working with light and paying careful attention to exposures all help to make our films the best they can be.
Brian's subject:
"Getting the best pictures."

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Clive Atkins & Richard Brown
Clive Atkins & Richard Brown

Larry HallLarry Hall

Paul Vernon
Paul Vernon

Brian Ratcliffe
Brian Ratcliffe

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